Chris Berman

Katherine Berman, the ESPN personality's spouse, and another driver died in a wreck last year.
The former “SportsCenter” anchor denies claims made in an ex-colleague's lawsuit.
"Give him the love and support he will surely need at this hour."
Indeed. In May, the only video from the incident that was publicly available showed Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee
The only thing clear from the Twitter reactions is that Berman won't be getting many write-in votes on election day. Or not
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing Chris Berman will be rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling his way through your television sets
With ESPN thoroughly covering these superlative events and performances, we thought that someone should take a look at what's
Before the 2012 edition of the Derby even began, Awful Announcing suggested replacing the bombastic Berman with legendary
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing Tonight is the mid-summer tradition that is the Home Run Derby. In recent years, the Derby
Despite persistent rumors that Chris Berman was about to pull a Robert Irsay, the ESPN mainstay has put the Mayflower trucks
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