chris carney

Our thoughts are with the couple's two children.
Last year was not a kind year. Deadly serious issues confronted the nation. It did not go well. Several arenas epitomized these issues more than most.
According to the Allentown Morning Call, Republican candidate in PA-10, Tom Marino, resigned from his position as a U.S. Attorney as he was being investigated. T
Republican candidate in PA-10, Tom Marino, has been battling controversy over the supposed existence of a letter from the Department of Justice granting him permission to serve as a reference to a convicted felon. Now, Marino claims that the radio host to which he made the original claim, WILK's Steve Corbett, made it up. Despite Marino's claims, there are available recordings that seem to prove otherwise.
Republican Tom Marino has come under fire for claiming to have been given written permission from the U.S. Justice Department to serve as a reference for a convicted felon whom he later worked for after resigning as a U.S. Attorney. S
If Democrats in the House cast this vote, Republicans will take them out from the right, and single payer activists are lining up to run against them outside of the party on the left.