chris carter

Its melange of conspiracies and supernaturalism, bringing incisive and often elegant thinking in the midst of frequently crackpot scenarios is certainly a match for this era of American history. Perhaps too much so.
They blew something up. So what do I, an American Muslim, think about Babylon? Stop me if you've heard this one before. An
Turns out the good shows stick with you, the characters (and the actors who played them, and the people who created it all) stay in your heart. I want to believe. For you, Chris Carter, I will believe.
"All these years we've been deceived."
A mysterious man told Chris Carter that his conspiracy-themed TV classic was too close to the truth.
The series returns for six episodes in January 2016.
"What unites everything they do is their commitment to bringing you organic humane meat you can feel good about buying and eating."
"This is no laughing matter, Scully! At this very moment, Christians are being rounded up, sent to re-education camps, and forced to participate in rainbow unicorn-themed gay marriage ceremonies."
Variety was first to report the news. "I'm using that as my model," he said. Unfortunately, we won't get to see the master