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So how is the union strategy working out? Today, 43 states and D.C. allow charters but all of them fund charters at a lower
The merit pay system was helped made possible with a $100 million donation from Mark Zuckerberg.
"Conditions on the ground have not improved. They've gotten worse."
Most recently, he added, education policymakers have been concerned with low charter school closure rates. According to his
With the Republican National Convention about to kick off, it's officially time to start speculating about who could be presumptive
How does a charter school whose multiple applications have been riddled with lies and misrepresentations and has been rejected three times by a state education department get approved for a $600,000 grant from the federal government?
Newark teachers will get grants to develop innovative classroom programs from the $100 million donated by Facebook founder
But many are unconvinced that the pilot program will work. Rosemary Knab, Ph.D., associate director of Research and Economic
Bennett, too, said he went straight to teachers -- "not to the unions, but communities," he said. "I looked them in the eye
Currently, New Jersey residents and local school boards have absolutely no say in whether or not a charter school can be established in their towns. The result is that the majority of students go without in order to pay for the pseudo-private education of a few.