chris dorner manhunt

Distributed by MCT Information Services Staff Writers Rick Orlov and Larry Altman contributed to this report. Dorner had
"I think they're testing the waters," said Stephen Tibbetts, a criminology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, who sees
He didn't go quietly. Dorner shot and killed Deputy Jeremiah MacKay and seriously wounded his partner, Deputy Alex Collins
Mertz notes that the LAPD employs over 10,700 sworn personnel. When Dorner went on the run last February, he publicly posted
"They had to take aggressive police action to stop that," Beck said. "They had already lost one deputy and nearly lost another
The site's Cord Jefferson points out that it's possible Dorner had multiple IDs. It's also possible the media misreported
Authorities pulled a charred body from the cabin that they believe is Dorner. DNA tests are expected to confirm their suspicions
The last one -- letting one of two people he tied up get loose and call police as he made off in their purple car -- tipped
Live Audio Of Dorner Shootout
According to surveillance video obtained by TMZ, Dorner purchased scuba gear at a sporting goods store in Torrance, Calif