Chris Fischer

The comedian's hilarious video gets real about having hyperemesis gravidarum.
"I've always wanted to be mom shamed," the comedian and new mom joked.
The comedian is very open about her messy reality as a new mother.
"Men are cool and whatever, but women are f**king warriors and capable of anything," the comedian shared.
Gene Attell Fischer just got a front row seat to his funny mom's life.
The comedian shared a photo of her latest checkup, and she was none too pleased.
The comic opened a window into their marriage in her Netflix comedy special.
"My sister in law. ... i can't thank her enough," Schumer wrote on Instagram with pictures of the creation.
The comedian is reportedly expecting a baby with husband Chris Fischer.
And she disses husband Chris Fischer's marriage proposal.
So we weren't the only ones surprised by the comedian's nuptials.
Ocearch last September hooked 16-foot, 3,500-pound Mary Lee and the 14-foot, 2,300-pound Genie near Cape Cod. The tracking
Watch the video below for more shots of Mary Lee. Want to know where Mary Lee is right now? Check out the Mary Lee tracker
Mary Lee had come way too close for comfort, penetrating the surf break, CNN reports. However, Ocearch chairman Chris Fischer
However, this shark was not recovering, so crew member Ryan Johnson began the established recovery measures. Finally, after
On the latest episode of "Shark Wranglers" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on History) viewers got to see just how dangerous Great Whites
Brett McBride took on the dangerous role and jumped into the water to guide the sharks into a lift so they could be tagged