Chris Fischer

The comedian got a darkly funny surprise from husband Chris Fischer.
The comedian and her husband, Chris Fischer, originally named their baby boy "Gene Attell Fischer."
“This video was clearly a surprise to us,” the actor and comedian captioned the funny clip.
The comedian told the What to Expect podcast about scheduling sex with her husband, Chris Fischer, so they don't end up just as "roommates."
"Everybody kind of gave me credit, and I was just like, ‘no,'" the comedian joked on "The Howard Stern Show."
The comedian announced on her podcast that she and husband Chris Fischer recently switched Gene's middle name.
The "I Feel Pretty" actress once jokingly called the Duchess of Sussex her "nemesis."
The comedian joked that husband Chris Fischer "drives [her] crazy" but there's no one she'd rather hang out with.
The comedian asked other mothers to share their stories in a heartfelt post on Instagram.