Chris Gethard

The one-man show that covers depression and alcoholism — and leaves its audience in stitches — comes to HBO Saturday.
"The core of ‘Abbi’ on the show is definitely the core of me."
A selection of the addictive, informative and emotional stories we listened to this year.
The crux of the story hinges on his relationship with his therapist, Barb, a smart way to make him the protagonist while
The Chris Gethard Show is a relatively new comedy variety show that's been on the air for one full season on the cable channel
When a beloved person with the public affection of millions and every resource in the world loses the fight, we must not be paralyzed by our grief and emotion.
John Gemberling ("Broad City") Kate McKinnon ("Saturday Night Live") Zach Woods ("The Office," "Playing House," "Silicon
"Sure, a pretty girl will get into a club before you do, but you know what else a hot girl has to deal with? Six dollars
"Eat More Butts" chants the audience with a vigor that belies the content of their chant. This is another episode of The Chris Gethard Show: A public access trip through improv insanity set to a live call-in show beat.