Chris Gethard

The one-man show that covers depression and alcoholism — and leaves its audience in stitches — comes to HBO Saturday.
"The core of ‘Abbi’ on the show is definitely the core of me."
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Because he's standing there in front of you to tell the tale, you know immediately that Gethard is going to emerge from his
and... the rapping and dancing moment as seen in the photo below. Chris Gethard is the show's host, creator, and producer
When a beloved person with the public affection of millions and every resource in the world loses the fight, we must not be paralyzed by our grief and emotion.
John Gemberling ("Broad City") Zach Woods ("The Office," "Playing House," "Silicon Valley"), Bobby Moynihan ("Saturday Night
"Sure, a pretty girl will get into a club before you do, but you know what else a hot girl has to deal with? Six dollars
"Eat More Butts" chants the audience with a vigor that belies the content of their chant. This is another episode of The Chris Gethard Show: A public access trip through improv insanity set to a live call-in show beat.
"Last call for Hepatitus C!" Shannon O'Neill announced from the sold-out crowd as audience members lined up to dip spoons into the gray plastic tub overflowing with 20 gallons of ice cream,
MARK NORMAND The southern charm of Feimster is subtle, but totally there. She worked as a sketch and stand-up comic in Los
"This opportunity is not going to replace 'TCGS,'" said Gethard in announcing the possible move from public access to cable
Comedian and actor Chris Gethard was cast in a small speaking role in "Iron Man 3," a movie sure to be such a huge blockbuster
Chris Gethard, the "adopted comic" of IFC (who also popped up on "The Office" recently), is ready to take his fame to the