Chris Guillebeau

This article first appeared on On Tuesday, April 5, Susan Cain chatted with Chris Guillebeau, author of Born
In 2002, I walked into a cafe, laptop in hand, to begin a grand adventure. My adventure did not involve swords, dragons, or
Chris Guillebeau was a high school dropout and either fired from or quit most of the jobs he had before becoming an entrepreneur. By his own admission he was a terrible employee.
I watched as my students picked up their cap and gown and carried it in their arms like a newborn baby. I smiled, said a few last words of encouragement, then asked, "You graduated... now what?"
Before you know it, 2015 will be upon us. I like to set a personal "theme" for each new year; it's a practice that I find helps keep me grounded in my intention throughout the year. I pick a word, sometimes two, to represent what I most want to accomplish in the coming year.
Many entrepreneurs, wanting to create a meaningful and purpose-driven business, struggle with trying to figure out what the work is that they're meant to do in the world. Or, they know what they can do, but are less successful making sense of it all, and how to create a business around it.
When Chris talks about non-conformity, he's not talking about rebelling against the world, he's talking about how to change the world by each of us achieving our personal goals.
The only life you can live is yours. Not the one they think you should be living. The stakes are high.
These young men and women already know something I only discovered in my sixties: Life isn't just about stuff.
I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Bungay Stanier about Do More Great Work, the inspiration for his projects and a few words of advice.