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Can we really blame them for taking a hot and heavy makeout session to the next obvious level? And if we can, then we've got to be consistent with our blame: If women are expected to abstain, then men must be too.
Watch more from Chris Harrison's conversation with HuffPost Live here. That said, Harrison admitted he hasn't had much luck
"Look, if you've been making pizzas for 12 years and you've made millions of dollars and everybody loves your pizzas and
Chris Harrison weighs in on who his favorite "Bachelor" was.
Chris Harrison joins Caitlyn to share his opinion on Juan Pablo.
While you can look at the popular ABC series, The Bachelor, as pop culture entertainment, it can also, surprisingly, provide some real life lessons.
ABC executives have been trying to convince us for years that their show is a legitimate platform for finding true love -- despite
Ahh, what would "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" be without Chris Harrison? Check out Chris' funniest wingman moments
On the flipside, have you ever had a time where you wanted to step in knowing it wouldn't work out? Probably one of the seasons
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison was spotted out with his new love interest Kelly Sarac, according to the new issue of
After Emily and Jef imploded, you’d understand if Chris Harrison were starting to lose faith in his own TV show. But quite
And as for Bieber's relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez, Mallette couldn't be more supportive. "She's just a sweetheart
"Now having felt heartbreak, I know what these people have gone through and what they're searching for," Harrison said, according
Harrison served as the resident the voice of reason because -- even if the contestants on a particular season never made it down the aisle -- at least he had.
In case you haven’t already heard, Chris Harrison is getting a divorce from his wife Gwen Jones. HuffPost Celebrity referred
"They've been taking turns with their kids so they can both see them as much as possible," a source told the publication
Tebow, 24, has recently been linked to pop superstar Taylor Swift. The wholesome couple were spotted with a group of friends