Hughes, who tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Sean Eldridge last year, said, "There are tens of thousands of couples
When I published my "10 LGBT Predictions for 2012," my forecasts were met with polite scorn by some. "This sounds like a wish-list more than predictions," was just one of the comments left by readers, so is with no small degree of self-satisfaction that I can now retort, "Oh, ye of little faith!"
Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Gayle King, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Newark Mayor Cory Booker are just a few of the
Schaffer isn't the only City Paper staffer coming aboard. Reporter Lydia DePillis is joining the New Republic as a staff
Hughes and Foer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Just declined to comment on whether he could have stayed
The New Republic will open up a New York office sometime in the coming months, Capital has learned. Of course, the Beltway
NEW YORK -- On the morning of March 9, Chris Hughes held his first meeting with the staff of the New Republic, the nearly
Founded in 1914, the left-of-center New Republic has long been influential in the political world, if not profitable. Former