Chris Jones

I have a feeling Hamilton, as much as it depends on the chemistry among its leads, will be more like Wicked (and many other
Believe it or not, the face in the above video is not real. It is made completely of computer-generated images, and it will
The National Restaurant Association show is a force to be reckoned with, representing a significant inflow of tourism dollars for the city of Chicago.
It is comical that Jones believes that "most women act as though they are sexual Olympians." Women -- wouldn't it be nice to feel such sexual bravado and confidence?
Jones videotaped the whole thing, capturing Brehm wandering around the intersection, shooting randomly. Watch this amazing
I would pay good money to see the faces of the teenage girls who had no idea Justin Timberlake's arm was wrapped around them
The managing editor of, Chris Jones, revealed his departure to staff on Wednesday, a sign that Portfolio's