Chris Kennedy

Elections have consequences and none more so than in Illinois. While the obvious places of change (State House & Senate and Congressional races) became clear throughout Tuesday night, the less obvious is becoming clearer everyday after.
While Ayers said he was not seeking emeritus status, but said he thought the board made a mistake in not granting it. A spokesman
The reconstituted University of Illinois board of trustees this morning selected Chicago businessman Christopher Kennedy
Kennedy is keeping in good fourth generation Kennedy tradition by flirting with the idea of running for office and then citing personal or family issues as reasons for not pulling the trigger.
Giannoulias larded his campaign kickoff speech with references to President Obama, his friend and longtime basketball partner
Durbin said he "doesn't think the field is complete at this point" for the senate race. Meanwhile, he isn't picking a horse
"Chris is keeping all his options open," his spokesperson told Marin. Kennedy would face a stiff primary if he does run. Gov
Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson continues to mull running, though she has yet to issue any formal statements
Giannoulias' exploratory committee has about $1.6 million to spend on the 2010 election, according to papers filed this week
Chicago Urban League chief Cheryle Jackson is forming a U.S. Senate exploratory committee -- the last formal step before
Kennedy is president of Merchandise Mart Properties Inc., a property owner and management company. "I'm a ways from making
Kennedy is president of Merchandise Mart Properties Inc., a Chicago-based property owner and management company. "Obama will
The political landscape of Chicago and Illinois is destined to change in its black representation. Todd Stroger has been a disappointment. He should go home and not waste the public's time with another run.
U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky appeared confident, if non-committal, about her potential Senate bid during an appearance on "Fox
Merchandise Mart boss Christopher Kennedy is confirming talk that he may run for the Senate next year . . . and saying a
A separate poll commissioned by Schakowsky and conducted by Lake Research Partners April 19-22 has the Congresswoman leading
Chris Kennedy is taking soundings for the Illinois 2010 Senate race. I heard that he's been making some calls about his prospects