Chris Kluwe

The former NFL players say "locker room culture" and a troublesome definition of masculinity are part of the problem.
There are infinite varieties of men or at least about 3.5 billion different ones living on Earth now, Klansmen and human rights activists, drag queens and duck hunters. For the purposes of feminism, I'd like to delineate three big blurry categories.
Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe intends to sue his erstwhile team regarding his allegations of a coach's anti
What have I learned about the guiding principle of politically free sport, bringing nations together in peace and harmony under the benevolent hand of the IOC? I've learned there is a problem with Sochi.
Michael Sam is a gay black man, but should that be a strike against him because there are people too afraid to play alongside him?
We are living in two Americas at once. While we are arguing about the word God on a dollar bill, the religious right is dismantling secularism one brick at a time.
Much of the immediate reaction to Sam's announcement -- and the fact that he could become the league's first openly gay player
In a Deadspin piece he wrote that went viral last week, Kluwe alleged that he was dropped from the team last year because
“This is a highly sensitive matter that we as an organization will address with integrity,” Vikings Vice President of Legal
"He's 100% right and I've been saying it all along from the start," Ayanbadejo told TMZ. "You're talking about a guy who
Kluwe has drawn a great deal of attention to a subject far too neglected by this country. His book, "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies" sure has candor, and was great fun to read. However, I take issue with his latest Deadspin piece.
In a scathing screed published online this week, former NFL player and gay rights activist Chris Kluwe accused top members of staff at the Minnesota Vikings of firing him because of his vocal support for same-sex marriage.
After Kluwe was cut from the Vikings, speculation was rife as to whether the punter had been fired over his views on gay
There are LGBT athletes ready, willing, and able to speak on their own behalf. Why am I, a straight man, explaining what it must feel like to be an LGBT athlete when I am surrounded by dozens of LGBT athletes more than capable of sharing their own stories? Why are we suffocating LGBT voices?
Free agent NFL punter Chris Kluwe had little patience for announcers trying to justify the San Francisco 49ers decision to
For World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2013, we teamed up with our friends at The Trevor Project to launch a star
After eight years, punter Chris Kluwe finds himself again in a heated camp competition, and this time he’s the veteran up
Kluwe, whose gay activism has won him fans far outside the football universe, also made a bold claim about gays in the NFL