chris krebs

The agency led by Chris Krebs called the 2020 vote “the most secure in American history."
On CNN, Chris Krebs, the fired chief of U.S. cybersecurity, fears for American democracy even after President Donald Trump leaves office.
"We're on the verge of what I fear to be a pretty significant breakdown in democracy and civil society," said Chris Krebs.
Trump “has to declare that this was a free and fair election,” urged Chris Krebs. “He still has time to do what’s right.”
Chris Krebs fact-checked false claims the president made during a 46-minute Facebook rant.
Joseph diGenova attacked Chris Krebs, who was fired by the president after declaring the election was secure.
Fox News host Eric Shawn fact checked President Donald Trump’s voter fraud falsehoods just a few hours after Trump appeared on the network to spew his election allegations.
Former top cybersecurity official Chris Krebs, a lifelong Republican who was fired by Trump, said claims undercutting the election results were “nonsense.”