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The tech giants are offering up to $1,000 cash back for new solar customers.
Airbnb claims that its typical New York host is just a regular person with spare room in his or her apartment, trying to make ends meet. But more than 100 Airbnb hosts use the site to make six figures a year.
The boast comes as the company faces scrutiny after a man died at one of its rentals.
The service's new head of global policy has his work cut out for him.
Tom Steyer's climate-focused political group is already gearing up for the 2016 presidential race, announcing on Monday a new effort that will focus on putting Republican candidates on the defense when it comes to global warming.
NextGen Climate's chief strategist, Chris Lehane, said in a call with reporters that the group's mission heading into 2016
The team that advised President Clinton, celebrities and corporate titans have broken down the commandments of crisis management
Whatever "It" is? He has it. And however it is that we are all made, either by lightning bolt or assembly line, Rob Lowe probably has a little more "it" than is really fair.
Having unintentionally created a mass of new unaffiliated voters, is the establishment somehow discouraging those who are outside of the two-party system from really participating in it?
A statewide poll that shows one candidate way ahead may not accurately predict the delegate count, which is the only count that elects the nominee. And it also means this race may go on well past February 5th.