Chris Morris

If a top deputy at the San Diego City Attorney's office really means what she said in statement filed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals late last month, fundamental change in enforcement of nudity laws could impact tourism, the swimwear industry, clothing retailers -- even Comicon.
You just know AMC is kicking itself for only ordering six episodes. So while they and we wait for a longer season two to start in the fall, new fans can catch up with the first zombie series.
Unless, of course, you think about the comedy inherent in men trying unsuccessfully to light their shoes or underwear on
"Because the film is so smart and genuinely funny, any potential controversy never materialized," League said. "But still
It's about something, yet doesn't feature Julia Roberts eating a significant ice cream. Christ, what a fucking awful movie Eat, Pray Love was, and I'm only reviewing the poster.
Morris: You tell me. I think you don't work it that way around. You do something and then you can work out how to bullshit
Chris Morris FOUR LIONS from elizabeth glover on Vimeo. Related
Terrorism is no joking matter -- and yet the hapless jihadis in Chris Morris' gruesomely hilarious Four Lions had me giggling and laughing out loud at its blend of slapstick and smart bad-taste humor.