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A bipartisan group of senators announced plans to try to block Trump’s weapons sales to the United Arab Emirates after HuffPost revealed the effort was in the works.
The economic pundit repeatedly made the shocking comparison as right-wing protesters railed against social distancing measures meant to save lives.
"I mean, the message seems pretty clear, if you criticize the president, then you are going to get attacked," said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)
"Either Fox News gets higher level briefings than Congress ... or ... wait for it ... there was no such imminent threat," charged Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy.
The senator said that as many as five Republicans in the chamber would vote for impeachment, though none have said so publicly.
Sen. Chris Murphy called out the GOP for using Moscow's conspiracy theories to defend President Donald Trump.
Sen. Chris Murphy described Trump's tweet bashing State Department official Marie Yovanovitch as "really serious" and "chilling."
The president has made it clear that his priority is getting reelected, even if it means more Americans getting slaughtered by guns.
Sen. Chris Murphy's push for such an amendment stems from concern over President Trump's business interests in Turkey.
The "Meet The Press" host accused the Republican lawmaker of evading his questions to "make Donald Trump feel better."