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Noth was dropped from CBS's "The Equalizer" after multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against him.
The "Sex and the City" star has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault.
Singer-songwriter Lisa Gentile said the actor “sexually victimized” her in 2002 by forcibly pulling her to him, kissing her and grabbing her breasts.
Noth will appear in at least one upcoming episode.
"We support the women who have come forward and shared their painful experiences."
The actor, who plays Mr. Big in "And Just Like That..." has vehemently denied all allegations against him.
“Every single sexual assault accusation must be taken seriously,” Peloton said in a statement to CNBC.
The "Sex and the City" actor has called the accusations "categorically false" and claimed the encounters "were consensual."
The “And Just Like That” actor said he feels “very protective” of the “Sex and the City” co-star who played Big's love interest.
The “Sex and the City” actor quietly addressed her friend and co-star’s death with a short note on Chris Noth’s Instagram tribute.