Chris O'Dowd

Namely, that he's never heard the president crack up.
Remind us to check in after 15 years to see how the prank went down. "I've started playing a really great long-form joke
With St. Vincent, Murray gives his most soulful performance since Lost in Translation. As Vincent McKenna, he gets to unleash a growling, dyspeptic misanthrope unlike any he has played before.
(hat tip: Buzzfeed) Irish actor and comedian Chris O'Dowd used his ice bucket challenge video as an opportunity to make a
Scandals about pedophile priests bring many to tears. In John Michael McDonagh's Calvary, a victim of abuse gets his day
Everyone knows kids make hardened adults all soft and mushy -- even Bill Murray. In "St. Vincent," Murray plays Melissa McCarthy's
Gloomy, claustrophobic and haunting, Richard Ayoade's second film, The Double, has been described by some as a dark comedy, a label that leaves Ayoade scratching his distinctive head.
Don't ask Brandon Victor Dixon what sleep is, because he doesn't know the answer. In 2013, Brandon formed WalkRunFly Productions with friend Warren Adams.
Plucking the dialogue pretty much verbatim from his best-selling book, Steinbeck handily transferred his tale to the stage. Again George and Lennie -- traveling together like the scores of other bindlestiffs scouring California's Salinas Valley (Steinbeck's version of William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County) for work -- arrive at a farm for barley bucking activity.
This documentary-style, comedy series was conjured up by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock (as it happens, both history buffs) over a lunch spent discussing Guest's dabbling in the world of genealogy.
Chris O'Dowd * Drops mic, walks off. * Nuances Family Tree is the kind of show the DVR was invented for. It's layered with
One interrupting fly is no match for Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd. On Friday, while the trio were filming
The show's creator, Graham Linehan, reportedly broke the news of the show's impending return during an "IT Crowd' panel at
Though there's been a bit of a vacuum in genealogical programming in the U.S. over the last year or so, that's happily about to change. First up is Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock's mockumentary series, Family Tree.
Inspired by a true story, the true-life son of one of the girls collaborated on the story. The practice of abducting light
As the manager of a girl band looking, Dave Lovelace (Chris O'Dowd) teaches the four Aboriginal singers the distinction between country western and soul music: both are about loss, but in country western they just resign themselves to it and whine.
It raised like three million dollars in two days. Oh, God. Why is that? It's a hard thing, because women are small. I think