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My perfectly imperfect feet -- bunions and all! Ever feel that way? I sure have, and I still find myself there at times. I
Chris Powell, managing editor of the Journal Inquirer, an afternoon paper in Manchester, Conn., seems to be having trouble adapting. Instead of asking questions about why his newspaper's circulation is falling, and finding innovative ways to preserve his product for future generations, he's pointing his finger at single mothers.
Regardless of socio-economic status, I have never met a single mother who didn't want a better life for herself and her children and who didn't realize that education and knowledge are they key to leveling the playing field.
Since then -- and Cassandra was now 45 years old -- she'd gained almost 200 pounds, weighing in at 364 pounds. The weight
Chris Powell took on a profession with one of the highest obesity rates on "Extreme Weight Loss." Trina was a 46-year-old
Chris was impressed with Mehrbod's commitment, as well as his rapid progress through the program in the early going. But
Not only did he prevent her from committing suicide, but Chris also reconnected Jami with her birth mother after nearly 25
At the end of their journey, the couple had lost 310 pounds. The couples' local ABC station, WXYZ, had a moment of panic
That 155-pound mark had special significance for Meredith, as she'd used it as motivation throughout her journey. She even
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For every excuse I have an answer. But it doesn't matter if I have the answer, because you have to believe it in your heart and be willing to let go of the excuses that only foster fear and failure. Are you ready to let go? Let's do this!
But throughout everything, Tony stayed committed to his weight loss, and had amazing results because of his resolve and hard
As with any journey, if you start with an honest desire, create a plan and are prepared, you'll be able to overcome obstacles, stay on course, and successfully reach your destination.
By Alanna Nunez for Chris Powell knows motivation. After all, as the trainer on "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss
ltimately, when we are looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, it requires a change in our daily patterns.
As we create our own course to transformation, it is important to break these larger steps down into their respective doable steps and apply them to our own lives.
Once you have made the most important step in the transformation journey -- choosing to change -- it is time to map the course.