Chris Smith

Chris Holcomb posted the text exchange with his daughter on social media.
Trump is more dangerous, even if not as clever.
[15] Geoffrey Aronson, “China to open its first naval base in Africa,” Aljazeera, December 22, 2015. [6] Nick Turse, "The
His budget comes two months after his lauded plan to attack tuberculosis.
Over 1.5 million people now die from tuberculosis a year, pushing it past AIDS.
Lawmakers suspect the administration will upgrade Malaysia's ranking on human rights, though its record hasn't improved.
I have a strong, healthy dose of self-esteem. This is fortunate because recently there has been a steady stream of damaging messages coming from the media, politicians and religious leaders. There are plenty of voices proclaiming that there is something wrong with me.
UPDATE: 2:58 p.m. -- The House passed the bill, 242-179. The vote came shortly after the White House threatened to veto the
Smith was first elected to the House in 1980. He faced no opposition in his party's June primary election. Below, more updates
He also said of the post-2015 United Nations Development Agenda that "reproductive rights is put in there and the U.S. pushed