Chris Weitz

"I realized there was a pocket of America and the internet that was insolently angry and anti-Semitic," Chris Weitz explains.
Twenty years later, the behind-the-scenes rivalry between DreamWorks' "Antz" and Disney's "A Bug's Life" gets a new twist.
The "Operation Finale" star warns his new movie isn’t just about "a closed capsule of history, but something that could happen again."
Magnificent! We all knew the story, yet director Kenneth Branagh still had the audience eager to see it unfold as witnessed by the applause at the end of this masterpiece. The regal sets, bizarre costumes and jaw dropping special effects make this fairy tale almost a reality.
A Single Shot, is good because it made me feel envious. How did he get that cast? How did he get that look? How did he manage to maintain such a gnarly tone and pace in a laconic backwoods noir? I asked...
Whether Oriol's subject in frame is gang life, a fashion model or celebrity, he presents an artistic voice that is distinctly Los Angeles-bred.
Critics say the law has damaged the state's economy, leaving acres of unpicked crops rotting in Alabama's fields after farm
A Better Life may not end the death and heartache of those squeezing into America for a future, but it does tell their story. Ignorance does not survive in A Better Life. It can't survive in an evolved America.
Best Song (for Listening) "I Need A Dollar" - Aloe Blacc (Stone's Throw) Best Television Show (Comedy) Parks and Recreation
This Labor Day week, we take a look at a listing of nominees for best films, tv shows, and other artistic expressions in what are called the "2011 Workers' Voice Awards" from PopWork USA.
A Better Life show that the dreams of immigrant parents for their children, and the struggles of such children to forge their own identities, are not just Latino, Asian, European, or African immigrant stories. These are American stories.
If you had just directed a movie that went on to gross over $700 million worldwide, what would you direct next? Director Chris Weitz chose to make a small movie from a screenplay that had been languishing for over 20 years.
The partners bring very different but complimentary skill sets to the table. "I grew up on-set," says Gertz, whose first
Do you surf? I am a surfer, though quite a poor one. [He rides a longboard, 8'10" from his friend Jose Lozano's company.] No
A Better Life reveals the truth that immigrants are perhaps the purest reflection of the American dream, which isn't to become a millionaire, but to improve the lives of their families through hard work.
Well in advance of it’s June 24th release, Chris Weitz's latest film, "A Better Life" -- a moving story of an undocumented
The rest of the film tracks the obsessed Carlos as he follows the clues to the guy who stole the truck. It's a frustrating
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When Grande was in ninth grade, she threatened to run away after her mother enrolled her in the academically rigorous Gertz
BROWSE IMAGES FROM THE EVENT: The film focuses on Carlos Galindo (Bichir), a single father, gardener, and undocumented immigrant