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Darius Rucker, Jana Kramer and Chris Young all had their say.
The brightest stars of country music came out to celebrate.
Country singer Chris Young is speaking out against rumors he was the "other man" in Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's split.
There's a quote to describe the return of Alex Rodriguez. "When life throws you a curveball, it's the opportunity to hit it out of the park." That simplifies the season he's been having thus far.
The Center for Public Integrity has broken new ground by publishing a months-long investigation into the public relations and influence-peddling spending conducted by Big Business trade associations between 2008-2012.
Unassuming country music star Chris Young describes himself as "a normal dude who just happens to have a really freakin' cool job." While the "cool job" part is clear-he's toured with everyone from George Strait to Miranda Lambert-Young's accomplishments place him squarely ahead of the "normal dude" pack.
Carrie Underwood: "I love it when the writers of a song that I sing tell a story about the song that I didn't know before."
Peter Frampton: It all started a few years ago when the Cincinnati Ballet asked if they could do choreography to four of my songs; three instrumentals from Fingerprints and then "Not Forgotten" from the Now album.
Currently starring as Marie Scharder on AMC's "Breaking Bad," Brandt has also appeared on "Parenthood," "Private Practice