Chrissie Hynde

The girl we meet in the early pages of Chrissie Hynde's heartfelt and beautifully written memoir, Reckless, is like millions of other cool kids in the sixties who were obsessed with music, became very adept at lying to their parents, and did a lot of drugs.
Victim blaming still exists because it would be easier if rape were actually the victim's fault. Then bystanders can remain innocent bystanders, rid themselves of guilt, and therefore all desire to contribute to the cause of protecting women.
The Pretenders singer warned women not to wear high heels if they hope to run from an assailant.
Reaching the pinnacle of your field is a function of getting to know the kind of people who can accelerate your growth in the shortest possible amount of time.
Do The Beatles now collectively have more "previously unreleased" tracks than all of their official albums collectively?
Stephen Colbert reflected Beck's genius and self-effacement when, as host of the 2010 Grammy Awards, he told a worldwide audience, "You know the game 'Guitar Hero?' He has the all-time high score -- and he's never played it."
"I've made a lot of records because that's what I do, and I've listened to a lot of records, and I have to tell you the truth--it wouldn't have mattered if The Beatles had recorded "A Hard Day's Night" on Silly Putty. It would have sounded good."
We've included a video of the couple's trip to the Gentle Barn. WATCH: This venture comes on the heels of Ellen's recently
Though I love the sport of polo, the only thing I could keep my eyes on were the people and their interpretation of the lowbrow/highbrow mix. My fave was the picnic displays of orange Veuve blankets with Doritos bags on top.