Michelangelo used very bright colors so they would be visible from the floor below. The finished masterpiece includes the
As an independent, I'm not writing this as a means of saying that my values align completely with one party or another. But the Bible says you will know them by their fruit, and I see their fruit and now I know that you neither stand for me or Jesus.
Saying Jesus is fully divine and fully human is an illogicality that does not even rise to the level of a 'seeming' paradox
As the Rio 2016 and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad come to an end, Twitter has become a major platform for how sporting events, governing bodies and associations, and professional athletes engage and enhance the experience of such spectacles.
Not being able to remember our past lives means that we don't understand reincarnation and therefore don't see it mentioned
Sometimes we get our eyes off of what really should be the focus, don't we? We allow the enemy to distract us, to bombard us with chaos, steal our joy, and cause us to doubt what's going on behind the scenes.
The inability to see the face of God in another or even in your enemy is what keeps us divided and is a major contributing factor for the existence of extremist groups.
At times, a story demands more credibility than we can muster, so we change some of the details to reconcile ourselves to
Who would have guessed that just after the celebration of Palm Sunday, as adoring crowds heralded in Jesus as savior, He
Good Friday is a time or remembrance and mourning for what Jesus did for us. He was betrayed, beaten, and crucified on a cross.