Prince William and Duchess Kate celebrated their son Prince Louis' christening as his big brother and sister looked on.
There has been much to celebrate in Elizabet Flores' life, but she has marked only four occasions with formal parties. The largest, an event for 300, was for her wedding a decade ago.
Though Prince George is being raised in the Christian faith, the royal family has become more interfaith-oriented in the
Recently, all of my friends started having babies. I realized that I have a lot to bone up on if I'm going to be prepared for all of the showers, parties and religious ceremonies associated with this influx of little people.
Ro says he grew up the opposite type of household, and wants to change that pattern with his own family. "My mother, being
Last week, on Cinco Mayo in San Diego's Barrio Logan, the United States Navy christened and launched the USNS Cesar Chavez over Republican opposition for naming the cargo ship after the civil rights leader and union activist.
Best, Irene Dear Irene, ANSWER I truly hoped that I would be a godparent, that I would be family to her when both of us don't