The Arizona Supreme Court agreed that the city of Phoenix can't force the wedding card designers to create custom invitations for same-sex couples.
The Franciscan Friars awarded two black Mississippi men settlements of $15,000 each, while some white victims in the same diocese received over $250,000.
Trump boasted about his record on conservative causes during this year's Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, and warned that the gains he made are 'fragile.'
Despite restrictions imposed by the Vatican, Theodore McCarrick was allowed to rise in the ranks and play prominent diplomatic roles under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The charges are part of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's investigation into the Catholic sexual abuse scandal in her state.
The Southern Baptist Convention is reporting a decline in membership and baptisms for the twelfth year in a row.
In a video that's gone viral, Jeffrey Warren urged the United Methodist Church to recognize his humanity and embrace LGBTQ members.
"Second Coming," a series about Jesus' return to Earth, offers cultural commentary on modern-day Christianity. But some Christians called it blasphemous.
The evangelical Christian artists claim a Phoenix anti-discrimination law would curtail their religious rights.
The Russian Orthodox Church's Patriarch Kirill claims the Antichrist is someone who will control humanity through the internet.
Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular groups issued a joint letter opposing acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
Progressive Christians point out that Jesus said his followers should welcome the stranger.
Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose country doesn't recognize the right to religious freedom, had a two hour meeting with prominent evangelical leaders.
Some believers are pushing back after Jerry Falwell Jr. claimed Trump is the "good, moral" leader that America needs.
The Vote Common Good bus tour is challenging conservative Christians to question their loyalty to the Republican Party.
The Trump administration has made it harder for Christians -- and all persecuted religious minorities -- to find safety in the U.S.
The rules ban religious groups from seeking converts, distributing texts, or livestreaming sermons online.
Many Bible stories are more like the story of Cardi B than of those who judge certain people “unholy.”
74-year-old Paul Bradshaw, once called a liar for his claims, says he can now die happy.