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I blame the movie 13 Going on 30. When it was released, I was 16, closer to the 13-year-old protagonist than the 30-year
A handful of former contestants, plus host and producer Carson Daly, break down what happens after each season wraps.
The nature of protests against the government are disrespectful by intent, so the issue of the protest, not its nature, is what matters.
"The Tonight Show" host announces the program is donating $1 million to relief efforts.
By Jerry Zolten, Pennsylvania State University The first truly African-American musical form, the “Spirituals,” took shape
You also may want to check out the movie trailer for Buena Vista Social Club: Adios that hit select theaters May 26... A
Erick Erickson's comments drew a sharp reaction on Twitter.
"We don’t have to please God in any other way than to be brutally honest," he said.
"We have to be active, and as artists, we get to do that through art. This is when we are needed the most.”