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"It was a great gift of this film that it took us back to finding our local Methodist church and going every Sunday."
“I don’t think Christian audiences, especially younger ones, are going to rush to the theater to support something just because
“Most people would be surprised that 1 in 3 of their neighbors is watching Christian TV. Do 1 in 3 watch the nightly news
“We look forward to sharing these amazing performances with our audience, and in them we hope that people see themselves
"[The Lord said,] 'So send some craftsmen to explore Hollywood, which I am giving to believers from each discipline: writers
When you ask me my favorite Christian movies, I might say The Apostle, Leap of Faith, Sister Act, Lars and The Real Girl, The Matrix, Wall-E, Elmer Gantry or Les Miserables. Are these Christian films? Does the film need to clearly address God or Jesus?
Contemporary, multi-sensory feats of technology have caused observers to overlook another medium of remembrance. From Michelangelo's Pietà to the Crucifixion by Salvador Dalí, analog sculptures illustrating Jesus' final moments also provide a way for people to experience this story of life and death that has influenced the development of both the ancient and modern worlds.
When a church provides the space for showing films discussing the issues, it becomes more relevant by becoming a catalyst for coalition-building.
For all of the ways that Tarantino continues to make engaging films that mix and match an eclectic range of cinematic genres, the sophisticated moral-ethical reflection that one finds in "Pulp Fiction" is now missing, a pattern that characterizes his latest film, "Django Unchained."