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HuffPost's Eliot Nelson explores a new wave of Christian filmmaking that blurs the line between religious message and Hollywood production style.
"The stories vary, though they usually involve something like being in a place of all-knowledge or a city of light, seeing
Jakes' International Faith and Family Film Festival aims to provide a significant value-add to the discussion of how faith-based filmmakers should proceed with producing and marketing films to Christian and mainstream audiences.
In the trailer for his new documentary Monumental, Kirk Cameron has an 'a-ha!' moment: "So hold on. The United States Congress was commissioning and printing Bibles to be given to all the people because they knew that that's what would... make America flourish and thrive!"
Miller hopes the movie has similar impact as the book, showing people they aren't alone in difficult spiritual struggles
So, is there a message in this movie? I think this movie says we all live spiritual lives whether you like it or not because
Soul Surfer succeeds where many other Christian-themed films fail. It strikes a satisfying balance between powerful storytelling and overreaching message-giving.
Some of the Christian titles these days, she said, tackle "touchy subjects" such as drugs, domestic violence or abortion