Christian History

A church member met with me recently to discuss her worries about her teenage son leaving behind his Christian faith. “He’s
The digital library "lays bare" a trove of artifacts secured in climate-controlled vaults intended to mimic the conditions
Why is it that so many women, especially elite women, chose to pursue monastic lives?
There's nothing wrong with being a Christian and growing a beard. We must continue to work on transcending stereotypes by learning more about our own traditions.
By Lauren Markoe Religion News Service I want to understand what, from the ancient Roman perspective, was the problem with
If persecution language is not reserved for situations of actual persecution, then unspeakable violence becomes indescribable. Disagreement becomes martyrdom and martyrdom becomes disagreement.
It is ironic that one of the more popular holidays in America is named for a saint about whom very little is known -- who, in fact, is of questionable historical provenance.
We live in a time when Catholic priests are an aging and shrinking group, damaged in morale and reputation, overstretched in their monopolization of all sacramental services. What we really need are no priests.
The doubts led the Smithsonian Channel, which had been working with King for months on a documentary about the papyrus, to
As a simple layman’s guide to the calendar, the customs and the culture, the history the words and the beliefs that still