Christian nationalism

“The Trumpiest part” of the Republican Party is increasingly supporting this right-wing movement, Maddow noted.
The Georgia congresswoman said the Republican Party should conform to Christianity to make it easier to identify with and sway Christian voters.
Peroutka is a Christian nationalist extremist who has refused to disavow a white supremacist group to which he once belonged.
Doug Mastriano’s win in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial primary marks a high-profile victory for the movement.
Hundreds of Christian leaders have signed a letter rejecting Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories.
Some Christian leaders have spoken out to denounce what they saw as the misuse of their faith to justify a violent attack.
There was a distinctly Christian nationalist presence at the U.S. Capitol riot. Some leaders are trying to publicly reject it -- but others are staying silent.
Their religion-centered, anti-Democrat, anti-science, anti-multicultural message mirrors the Christian nationalism seen at the U.S. Capitol riot.
Ralph Drollinger, who leads a Bible study for Trump's cabinet members, claims homosexuality, environmentalism and atheism are signs of God's wrath.
It's hard for gun control activists to find common ground with folks who believe the Second Amendment is a God-given right.