christian persecution

In the past 70 years, the US has contributed more than half a trillion dollars to cover the immense growth and maintenance
For these terrorists and the groups they represent, religion isn't a matter of belief but of identity. In their minds, you
Moreover, how will our demands for action on behalf of the persecuted overseas be taken seriously if we are discriminating
The first full day on the ground in the northern region of Iraq known as Iraqi Kurdistan, a semi-autonomous region recognized by the Iraqi government in Baghdad, is completed.
Americans should forthrightly encourage freedom in Cuba. Religious believers here should be particularly vocal in supporting people seeking to live out their faith under Communist oppression. Some day autocracy will give way to liberty even in Cuba.
Christians mean well; but if their intentions were truly just about being allowed to practice their religion as they see fit while "inviting" others to share in their faith, then they must quit pushing their symbols and principles on those who turn down this invitation and stop looking down their noses at everyone who chooses a different path.
The problem is that while Americans continue to talk about preventing mass shootings and gun deaths, the solution coming from gun advocates is to do nothing.
How could the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign her name to same-sex marriage licenses possibly be equated with the men and women whose blood watered the seeds of the church? Well, Kim Davis is absolutely a "martyr" in one sense of the word.
The world is watching history repeat itself and doing nothing once again with full knowledge of the devastation being inflicted on their cousins, if not brothers.
The attacks have come against a background of fear, triggered by Hindus in Modi’s party, that Christians are increasing their
The congregation had resisted the takeover of the church by a Muslim businessman, who had demolished part of the worship
How does this kind of mentality take hold of a state of nearly 30 million, at least to the point that the governor himself would take official action?
You see, many people attempt to stop persecution because it's the right thing to do, but not many people understand the struggles persecuted Christians are facing. There is a large divide between the American church and the persecuted church.
This Christian population has been victim to large-scale persecutions in the past. News of the Sunday release offered some
"Their only words were: 'Jesus, help me!' They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians," Francis said in
NEW DELHI — A series of episodes at churches over the last two months has prompted Roman Catholics here to worry about a
Nagmeh wrote about the encounter on the website of the American Center for Law and Justice, the organization that has spearheaded
North Korea topped the list of countries most hostile to the world's largest faith for the 13th consecutive year followed
Anyone who has ever watched a Congressional hearing knows it is a set up. The majority runs the show. They select the majority of witnesses for any given panel. The outcome is preordained.
A horrific fate awaits the Christians in the Arab world, particularly in Iraq and Syria. Yet, the world is silent. The progressive left wing has its own ideological agenda, to which the Christians of the Middle East are irrelevant.