Christian radio

“Over a few month period there were only a couple of days when I didn’t completely bawl my eyes out realizing my life was never going to look the same.”
While we know how much insurers and oil and gas companies dole out to political campaigns and lobbyists, we don't have a clue how much of their cash is used to establish front groups or how much of it winds up in the pockets of either pundits for hire or tax-exempt organizations that do their bidding.
Among the phone survey highlights: “Most people would be surprised that 1 in 3 of their neighbors is watching Christian TV
According to, authorities found a "bondage kit" in a storage unit Balyo rented. It reportedly consisted of handcuffs
Those who do turn to the Internet to share their faith are in good company with some of the most prominent American religious
The man Balyo allegedly paid to arrange the encounters has been identified by police as Ronald Lee Moser. The 42-year-old
As a case in point, more than twenty churches in a west coast city had come together to plan a weekend of evangelistic services
It's illegal for children to collect signatures for ballot initiatives in Colorado. That's why my jaw dropped when I heard a radio host say, "So, my son today got 20 signatures so far. My son, he's 12."
Seeking support from Evangelicals for climate change legislation is a bit like asking Rush Limbaugh to campaign for Arlen Specter. We should not be reframing the debate to make the issue tolerable to Evangelicals.
A coalition of Democrats and faith advocates is launching a new ad blitz on Christian radio to promote congressional action