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Newsboys traces its roots back to Queensland, Australia. In the mid-1980s, Perdikis and a buddy, Peter Furler, began jamming
The band (Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley) is currently on tour supporting their
The reaction has been mostly supportive for the couple, but Webb drew particular scrutiny over one sentence in the announcement
Critically acclaimed rock band The Fray, widely known for their hit "How to Save a Life," sat down with HuffPost Live host
Grant has quietly been working to transform herself into a performer that fits none of the roles invented for her previously by the church, the recording industry, and the media: not a petticoats-and-cowboy boots evangelical icon, nor a milquetoast Madonna, not a satanic sellout nor a stealth proselytizer.
Secularization of religious music "Music is a gift from God to deepen and develop the relationship with him," Kauflin said
Whereas Lennon tends to reject religion outright and U2 sings about its mysterious ways and at least partial un-knowability, Larry Norman represents a Christian conservatism both confident of its rightness and critical of those failing to embrace a particular definition of orthodoxy.
It's been a journey for all of us and we did kind of "grow up in public" as has been said of us before. A few punches in the gut in the course of one's life will have a tendency to do that
What better way to celebrate the end of the week/canonization of Mark Zuckerberg by Wall Street than with a little music from well-meaning people who want to thank Facebook?!
Though the genre known as CCM is irrevocably changed, many see this as a good thing.
Thousands of people came out to hear a former crystal meth addict turned Christian tell his story. Brain Welch, more commonly
And now we'll go celebrate the hysterical blindness God just gave us. A local Houston Fox affiliate had an interesting report
Chris Tomlin's rare distinction represents a first for the Christian music industry, and cements the dominance of the subcategory of Christian rock called Praise & Worship, of which Tomlin is the undisputed leader.
WATCH: The video starts with a biology teacher saying, "Darwin first did the imminent service of arousing attention to the
Rocker Melissa Etheridge responds exclusively to the Huffington Post regarding comments attributed to her in Rolling Stone about guitar virtuoso Phil Keaggy, homophobia, and Christian rock.
There are fierce debates within evangelicalism about whether secular rock is as acceptable as Christian rock and even about the ideal purpose of Christian rock -- is it entertainment? evangelism? ministry?