Christian school

Five young girls testified that Dennis Creason, co-founder of Shawnee’s Oaklawn Christian School, touched them inappropriately.
Pence teaches art at a school that bans LGBTQ students and teachers.
“I feel there is no good reason for slavery," one fourth-grader wrote.
While most of Washington was eagerly awaiting former FBI Director James Comey's Thursday appearance before the Senate Intelligence
Teachers sign a statement of faith and kids learn about creationism and the Bible. It's also the education secretary's inspiration.
Nevertheless, according to the KOAT-TV report, the school is slated to receive more than $60,000 in federal tax dollars this
James Mason, a student at the school for six years, alleges that he was choked and lifted off the ground by his throat, Christian
If Sarah Palin doesn't believe in sex education in schools, she should at least recognize that it's the parents' job to educate their children on the subject.