Christian theology

The evangelical Christian charity Anchored North is targeting teens with anti-queer messages.
The Boston Declaration, condemning the abuse of the Christian faith by many conservatives today, was just written, signed
#MeToo is all over my social media. It hurts and yet, it does help. These two terrible words are being posted by friends
Over the past five years, I’ve continued to enter into non-affirming religious spaces.
While most of Washington was eagerly awaiting former FBI Director James Comey's Thursday appearance before the Senate Intelligence
"We don’t have to please God in any other way than to be brutally honest," he said.
Glass-filled pie is still being served up to women all over the world.
Matthew Hall, Victoria University of Wellington Like many countries, Poland is pondering the future of its forests. Proponents
For hundreds of years Christians weren’t concerned about abortion. What changed?
All religions, except some forms of Buddhism, recommend prayer. From the Latin precare, which means to beg, prayer is just that: begging, pleading, imploring a God, or some other otherworldly figure, such as a saint.
Grudem also excuses Trump for racist, sexist, and Islamophobic language. Instead of holding accountable a presidential candidate
There's a twist to time and religion. Though time is corrosive of old beliefs it also evolves new beliefs. If God exists
Curiously though, like original sin, evolution also speaks of ancestral inheritance, and such an inheritance might argue
There were no witches. And there was no devil. All this devil lore in post-biblical Jewish literature so influenced emerging