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The Indiana pastor puts evangelicals who support Trump on notice.
The 2020 Democrat, an Episcopalian, says it's hard to imagine Trump believes in God.
Rider University in New Jersey said it won't feature the restaurant because of its opposition to the LGBTQ community.
Trump is a chess master, moving Christians toward the death of their integrity and the increase of his own power.
Another supporter at the Values Voter Summit said God works through Trump even if the Almighty doesn't "approve" of him.
The move is a payback for the evangelicals who helped elect him.
"Jesus reached out to those on the margins of society. He did not build walls."
In Babylon on the Potomac recently, the brand new, $500 million Museum of the Bible had its grand opening. Donald Trump did
by Serisha Iyar “Oh, really? I didn’t expect that…” a puzzled reaction plenty of people have had after realizing that I’m
Turns out, many are still angry about the retailer's trans bathroom stance.
There no vileness he can do or say that Christian supporters won't turn a blind eye to