christian voters

In the war of words during this disgraceful campaign, on both sides of the political aisle, truth has been the most conspicuous casualty. But how do we explain the failure to uphold basic norms about truth-telling among Bible-believing Christians?
In the midst of a heated campaign season, it is important to understand there is a difference between religious and political realities.
Many Christian voters in today’s America are somewhat like Christian voters in 1930s Germany.
The real estate mogul just picked up an endorsement from a major evangelical leader.
Women of faith are increasingly seeking to elect those who commit to the betterment of women's lives and recognition of our contributions, cherished freedoms and autonomy.
According to the pundits and experts, the 1973 decision to legalize abortion outraged millions of Americans and mobilized them into a powerful movement to defend the rights of the unborn. But this tale turns out to be a myth.
The days were long, but the dedication of these volunteers was inspiring. When I would look around the room, I knew I wasn't surrounded by my regular church family, but I was surprised that it still felt like church for me.
Not only did conservative Christians not adhere to their own principles embedded in their theology, but they also shirked their beliefs by acting in ways that were not "Christlike" because of their disdain for the president.