christiane northrup

Edna Northrup is ageless inspiration.
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At first, you might not fully believe or place much stock in this love. That's bound to happen in the beginning. "What'll
Here's the bottom line: You don't have to limit healthy fat in your diet. What you have to limit are trans fats and sugars. Period. End of story.
Though experts currently have differing opinions about sun exposure, one thing is clear and can be acted upon today: If you have unexplained or unrelieved muscle or bone pain, you may want to talk to your doc about testing your vitamin D level.
While for years, doctors have been recommending dietary calcium as the best way to ward off osteoporosis, many studies cast doubt on this idea.
When it comes to building healthy bones, magnesium is as important as calcium and vitamin D are! Without adequate magnesium too much calcium gets inside the cell, causing unforeseen complications.
Christiane Northrup is healing women around the world. Combining her education in western medicine with her intuitive healing wisdom, she became an advocate for looking at women's health from a holistic perspective.
Circumcision is an unnecessary procedure that is painful and can lead to complications, including death. No organization in the world currently recommends this.
New research shows that getting less than seven or eight hours a night (as an adult) increases your risk of high blood pressure, along with a host of other problems such as encouraging weight gain.