Christianity and politics

Hundreds of Christian leaders have signed a letter rejecting Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories.
The evangelical Christian charity Anchored North is targeting teens with anti-queer messages.
"It is time to stop cloaking your greed in religious language."
Days before Congress adjourned for its August recess, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) sent a copy of the Bible to all 535 members of Congress, calling on lawmakers to reflect on “God’s word” when deciding on “policy decisions that impact America’s future.”
Scripture has a lot to say about how we should treat the widow, the orphan, the sick and the desperately poor. Only in the ideological bubble of conservative Washington would taking food away from them qualify as Biblical.
Having visited this metaphorical space in my own city of Portland, I am moved by what I've witnessed: liberal secularists setting aside their suspicion of evangelicals and going to work with them to improve public schools and bring health care to the poor.