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People who work with victims of sexual assault say the evangelical church should re-evaluate how it treats survivors.
The Boston Declaration, condemning the abuse of the Christian faith by many conservatives today, was just written, signed
If you sleep with evil, you will certainly get at least some it on you.
For all its bragging, Empire Christianity is weak and has no moral core.
Hats off to the evangelical women calling out their tribe's males in the wake Donald Trump's lecherous comments. Maybe, next time, they'll cry out sooner -- such as when a candidate slurs ethnic and religious groups and fans paranoiac flames. Maybe, next time, evangelical moderates as a whole will grasp the difference between "political" and "partisan."
A major Christian news outlet is condemning Trump in the strongest terms.
Feeding outrage against the evil, outside world serves a noble purpose in our bounded sets -- if there be lions out there, better to keep our walls high. But, though we get the comfort of feeling righteous, we pay the cost of unease, of perpetually being stirred-up. In a world of outrage, our systems stay in some level of constant high-alert.
World Vision's senior director for media contacts, Cynthia Colin, shared a letter from Stearns to World Vision employees
While I try to keep an understanding voice, there are beliefs, ideas and individuals that can push my buttons -- and I have plenty of buttons. The boundary between being open to others and being justly offended by the bad beliefs they hold is not always clearly demarcated.
If a heterosexually identified Christian clergy man of color from Nigeria can change his mind about the way God expects him to treat gay people, then the rest of us may be able to do so as well
Too many of congregants' political priorities are determined by a party or ideology -- not the Word of God. Their identities are shaped by marketing and media campaigns that manufacture a view of the world in order to maximize their own power and profit.
Organisms evolved from simple forms by natural selection. This includes humans. We are the end result of a long, slow, natural process of development. Moreover, there never was an original pair.
Q: What's the main reason they give for leaving? A: Most cited intellectual doubts, but there's often more to the story. One
Just knowing that Joe the Plumber has been given a public microphone cheapens the concept of life as we know it.
But really, this is all the Republicans have left. Embrace the bigoted. The racist. The sexist. Box themselves in more and
We could truly make reducing the abortion rate in America a nonpartisan issue and a bipartisan cause. It is a common-sense approach that could unite the vast majority of Americans.
I can't count the number of times that reporters have asked me about Hillary's religion, just assuming she must be pandering.