Christie Hefner

The "revolution" he sparked was primarily in service of men’s desires -- and specifically his own.
"If you talk to young men, their girlfriend is pursuing a career, their sister is pursuing a career and there's a good chance their mother did as well. That makes a huge difference, especially in board positions."
Despite the warnings, the SEC said, Marovitz traded ahead of Playboy's announcements of 2004 and 2008 quarterly earnings
This week, New Trier High School in Winnetka released its "alumni Hall of Honor awards," where everyone from Rainn Wilson
U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Class of 1950) and Rainn Wilson of "The Office" (Class of '84) were among the
Internationally, America is ranked 84th in the number of women serving in the national legislature, lagging behind Afghanistan and Cuba.
in the three months since Scott Flanders took over for Christie Hefner as CEO of Playboy Enterprises Inc., he has come to
Before autumn rolls around, here are my choices for four great summer outings in Chicago.
Hefner dismisses what she describes as the "puritanical, antisexual, antimale" wing of feminism, but she nonetheless identifies herself as a feminist, declaring, "To say you're not a feminist is virtually the same thing as saying you're a racist."