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Subscribers are watching the Netflix series "Dead to Me" and "White Lines."
Obviously, it's not a new trope, but several of our favorite on-screen duos are going through it.
“Christina Applegate handled your ignorance so well yesterday,” one commenter said. “Glad you can sleep about it.”
Watch a 2019 Emmy Awards red carpet Q&A that crashed and burned.
The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.
The acting is good, the writing is hilarious, and the message is one that is needs to be heard. The only flaw is the film
Mom's rule. Finally women talking about men the way men talk about women. Written by two men. The stars of Bad Moms are the
SOMETIMES I HEAR Simon and Garfunkel singing, "Slow down you move too fast." They're in a little bubble following me around as I scurry about my day.
I recently watched the trailer for the upcoming film, Bad Moms. As I'm sure many of other moms did during the preview - I laughed.
"It affects your spiritual health, emotional self and physical self."