Christina Crawford

Crawford talks about abuse, what she hopes readers take away from her story, and her new projects.
One expects Shock -- with a capital 'S' -- when reading a book called The Mommie Dearest Diary -- Carol Ann Tells All. And actress Rutanya Alda's book, all about the nightmare of playing Joan Crawford's faithful maid opposite Faye Dunaway in the notorious 1981 camp classic, does not disappoint. All the rumors about Ms. Dunaway's grandstanding diva behavior are true, if Ms. Alda is to be believed.
Christina Crawford gave us a GIFT in writing her book. It opened infected wounds so healing could occur for millions of people. Because of the book, campaigns to stop child abuse grew exponentially, and regulations in the adoption process were strengthened. She also revealed the delusional and damaging ways in which we view the rich and famous.
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Similarly, both the literary and film incarnations of Mommie Dearest have endeared Crawford to the lesbian, gay, bisexual
Behind the quintessential campy movie Mommie Dearest is a dark tell-all by Christina Crawford about her constant struggles with her abusive mother, legendary actress Joan Crawford. On this week's episode of Gwissues, Christina sets the record straight.
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Broadway, hide your wire coat hangers. Joan Crawford's daughter, Christina Crawford, is developing a one-woman show where