Christine Lahti

Who misses "Dawson's Creek"-era Katie Homes and James Van Der Beek?
Sunday night's Superbowl may have been the focus for a majority of Americans, but a rival event took place at Caroline's Comedy Club, with Jane Fonda as M. C., introduced by Gloria Steinem.
Homes plays Carla, a poet with bipolar disorder who struggles to cope with her condition and understand its power. Carla's
Naturally, Holmes' close quarters with Kirby have sparked speculation as to whether the duo is dating. Kirby has seen a slow
Gillian Anderson has joined an NBC pilot. According to TV Guide, Anderson will co-star opposite "666 Park Avenue" actress
Using a helicopter and a giant claw, Delano's men simply plucked the transport vehicle from the highway and flew off, before
On what effect the bombing will continue to have on the team going forward: "I think any time you have that near-death experience
One of the most popular shorts at the Frameline 34 Film Festival put a comic spin on what happens when a straight woman convinces her best gay friend from college to help her make a baby. The big question on everyone's mind was whether it would translate into a 90-minute feature film.
Better not pack those summer clothes up just yet, there will still be time for fun in the sun when "Hawaii Five-0" Season
8 may strike some as preaching to the choir. The truth is, it isn't. There's simply no possible substantiation for the opposite view.
McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and audiences alike were shocked at the end of the "Hawaii Five-0" Season 2 finale when he found
Unless Cher is inviting you over, about the only time mere mortals ever get to peek inside the homes of the rich and famous
Because I can't avoid trouble, I'll point out that the HuffPo has been a principal outlet for the argument that there is a gigantic plot to foist lead (thimerosal)-based vaccines on children.
In Lee Blessing's "A Body of Water," a couple wake one morning to find themselves naked in the bedroom of a lake house which may or may not be theirs, unable to recall who they are or how they came to be there.
The Associated Press' Michael Kuchwara said: "Noone's writing has a rhythmic quality, call it a staccato lilt, that Scott
This play gives a portrait a woman's evolution from a privileged Republican to Broadway star to incorruptible Congresswoman, who ran against Richard Nixon.
For the first time in history, the majority of US households are headed by someone who is not married and a whopping 24% of the US population is unmarried women. Everyone is talking to them now. But are they listening?