Christine Pelosi

Christine Pelosi had a great suggestion for what to do about "this angry, nasty, lying screed by President Trump."
"Understand, she is a prayerful, strong woman," Christine Pelosi said on CNN.
Christine Pelosi's book “The Nancy Pelosi Way” will be released Nov. 26.
As of Wednesday, deceptively edited footage has been circulating the internet, making the congresswoman appear drunk.
The House speaker's applause of the president during the State of the Union spawned multiple memes.
In the spirit of the holidays, of peace and goodwill, rather than force divorce on some, why not seek common ground and civil rights for all?
I don't draw the line at debate -- I draw it at decency: respect for each other, for the rule of law, for the role of America in the world.
The trend toward no-excuse mail-in voting has grown during recent voting cycles but could significantly alter the landscape of battleground states in the presidential election this year.