Christine Quinn

The New York candidate took a moment to respond to the remark during a gubernatorial campaign event.
"This is a time to move away from celebrity and toward progressive leadership," she said.
The "Sex and the City" star brings years of advocacy work to the table.
The time for broader representation in government is right now.
On February 4th, when the Teamsters pulled support from a bill, they never agreed to in the first place, the Mayor sat in his SUV for 16 minutes, rather than face the men and women in top hats on the steps of city hall.
Sex assault and rape are huge problems on our campuses in New York and across the country. Indeed, evidence suggests that the information gap in this area adds to the problem and proves to be highly misleading for students and families.
So, what should voters know about the Women's Equality Party (WEP)? How did you get involved with it? It’s hard to answer
At a time when so many Americans need so much from their government, American women who care are finding it really tough to win executive office.
On October 31, 2012, New York City was reeling. Hurricane Sandy had unleashed unprecedented destruction on huge swaths of the five boroughs. In Breezy Point, Queens, dozens of homes burned like islands of fire surrounded by the rising sea.
Though he only paid himself one dollar salary as mayor, the fact is that his total wealth had increased from $2 billion before