Remember that by really relaxing these holidays, you'll help your body and mind recharge. In turn, this has a hugely positive impact on both your physical and mental health.
5. Life's messy, live happy Disappointment only comes when you argue with the reality of the holiday line-up on your calendar
Almost from the entrance, I could see the tree lights flashing from white to colored -- back and forth -- the grand kids would love this! How could I have even considered not getting a tree? What was I, Scrooge? Think of the delight on my little grandson's face! And after all, I already had the ornaments.
While there's no easy secret recipe to handling difficult rel's (besides never seeing them), I've developed a few strategies over the years that have helped carry me through family gatherings without losing my "merry."
It's the biggest holiday of the year for most of us, a time of joy and celebration, and yet also a time of emotional anxiety - the mad rush of last minute shopping, frustration, frayed nerves, family conflict, obligation, and overeating.
If you do holidays in a way that is consistent with what's important to you (e.g., family connection), and not what's important to society (e.g., the perfect decorations, presents, or meal), this will help you eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress.
We strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and excitement that will stay with our kids forever, as if the quality of their Christmas memories is going on our Permanent Record. It's a 25-day photo op, and the stakes are high.
"Happy Holidays!" "Happy Hanukkah!" Even in our greetings, this time of year come with a lot of expectations. For many families, the "happy" and "merry" expectations can cause great stress and anxiety -- not just for you as an adult, but for your children, too.
As we find ourselves in the holiday season, too many of us find that we are in a time of year when rushing around with too much to do is commonplace. We are working, running errands, dropping off kids and grandkids (even dogs at 'doggy daycare') all the while answering cell phones with computers blinking at us in the background. It's exhausting!
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