Almost from the entrance, I could see the tree lights flashing from white to colored -- back and forth -- the grand kids would love this! How could I have even considered not getting a tree? What was I, Scrooge? Think of the delight on my little grandson's face! And after all, I already had the ornaments.
What you need to know and consider about sex and the spiritual season we are entering this week.
As we find ourselves in the holiday season, too many of us find that we are in a time of year when rushing around with too much to do is commonplace. We are working, running errands, dropping off kids and grandkids (even dogs at 'doggy daycare') all the while answering cell phones with computers blinking at us in the background. It's exhausting!
I no longer can spare the time, money, desire or hopefulness to cram a lifetime of high expectations into two 24-hour days from Dec. 24 through Dec. 25. So I am stepping back from the false notion of nostalgia and admitting my addiction to the holiday crazies.
I let my obligations slide, remembering for one afternoon, at least, to do what the expert -- at that moment in the form of a strikingly sensible toddler -- said, and I focused on what really needed to be done.
'Tis the season to be jolly -- and also stressed out. If you're feeling irritable, rushed, resentful, lonely or overwhelmed, keep these strategies in mind to help boost your happiness.
We always have so much to be grateful for. At this time of the year, we can take a step back, breathe deeply and experience the gratitude we have for our lives, the people in it and ourselves. If not now, then when?
Try as we might to be merry, social gatherings, family feuds, tipping and tippling all contribute to increased stress at a time when we should be counting our blessings instead of blood pressure levels.